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Knothole -- Company Bravo GHQ

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Knothole -- Company Bravo GHQ Empty Knothole -- Company Bravo GHQ

Post by Durzan on Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:00 am

Company Bravo GHQ -- Codenamed Knothole

A large underground bunker built by Robotnik Enterprises, but had been abandoned months before.

Date & Time: October 15th, 0800 Hours MDT.
Location:Hidden somewhere within the Rocky Mountains...

Captain Alpha "Sonic"  the Hedgehog had just returned from a few scout and sabotage mission, and wanted to check in with his friends.

(Kinda hard to find a picture of Sonic looking serious, so whatever.)

First up, Tails, He thought, as  strolled into the Knothole hanger.

It was crude by the standards of a military hanger, but these days it was the best that could be afforded under the circumstances. The rough cut stone walls were low and to the ground, and wires and cables were strewn across the floor. It wasn't finished, but it was truly a sight to behold.

Near the entrance, the newly promoted Tech Sergeant Miles "Tails" Prower, stood tall with his head up high and a wrench in his hand. His blue eyes bespoke a confidence and understanding that, if you had known him a few months before, just wasn't there. He gazed around his domain, watching everything with a calm demeanor... then he saw the  soldier who was welding together what would become the hangar blast door.

Knothole -- Company Bravo GHQ 242px-Tails_Sonic_Boom_V2

(This picture from the concept art of that TV show actually does fit how I view him in this world. A rare occurrence, I assure you.)

"Careful..." Tails bellowed at a worker, "If you weld that on improperly, then the it could mess up the entire thing! You better get it right Private Collins!"

"Yes, sir!" Collins replied with a salute.

Damn, Sonic thought, I think you are starting to get the hang of being an NCO, now. It's about time.

Sonic smiled. It had only been a few months ago when the yellow fox had been a fresh recruit himself. Tails' apparent inexperience had nearly made him think twice about the promotion, but his talents and the lack of NCO's had decided the matter. So far, his young friend had yet to disappoint him.

That kid may be young, but he's a technical genius, Sonic thought, he deserved his promotion to the rank of an NCO.

Those had been simpler times; times that hadn't lasted very long. He and Tails had only been friends for a few weeks before Fidel, that bastard, had come and wiped out the biggest Mobian training facility in the world. After only two very short generations within the span of twenty years, his people were on the verge of extinction, before they even had a chance to stand on their own two feet...

Dammit, Sonic thought, snapping his thoughts back into focus, I cannot let blind hatred for Fidel get the better of me; that will only lead to extinction. Better to focus on happier things.

"Hey, Tails!" Sonic thundered, trying to divert his gloomy thoughts back onto happier tones, " How's it coming along in here?"

Without even missing a beat, Tails turned around and sprang to attention, giving him a crisp salute. "Everything is coming along as well as can be expected, sir. The Hanger should be functional in about a week if there are no complications, and in another week we should be approaching optimal performance."

Sonic sprang to attention, and returned the salute. "Very Good, soldier. I expect that schedule to be maintained."

"Yes, Sir!" Tails said with a crisp salute.

"At ease, Sergeant Tails," Sonic replied, relaxing a little bit, "Now that I have got that out of the way, lets take a walk. I'm heading up to the command room, and I think we don't need to be so formal around each other, at least, not ALL of the time."

He motioned for Tails to follow along, and let his demeanor reflect a certain amount of casualty. He wanted to ask Tails as a friend, not as a superior.

Ugh. Military formalities are so stuffy sometimes. He thought.

"Okay, then Sonic." Tails said, as the two left the hanger.

"How are the renovations coming along?" Sonic asked.

"We are just getting rudimentary electricity running through the finished areas of Knothole, and plumbing is not too far behind, but we still have a lot to do; the building was cramped before the raid on the ARK, and now its severely overcrowded. We are working on drilling even deeper into the mountain in order to make room for the new guys, but the number of people living here is complicating things and slowing the already tedious process. The crowded hallways make moving equipment harder. As long as you keep supplying us with supplies stolen from GUN forces, then we should be able to get the job done. If you could get your hands on a heavy laser drill or some more advanced equipment, then it would definitely speed the process up by quite a bit."

"Hmm, I will see what I can do." Sonic said.

Sonic remembered giving the orders. His men had been losing morale, and he was running low on supplies. But due to a well timed raid on a GUN facility along with good intel from Rouge, he was able to find out that several Mobians were being held prisoner aboard the ARK. With careful planning and precision, He ordered Rouge the Bat to personally lead a small team of Mobian commandos onto the ARK, steal some supplies, free the prisoners, sabotage the Eclipse Canon if possible, and get away with as much intelligence as possible in one fell swoop. The mission had been a success, but barely. Rouge had taken a few injuries, and a few good soldiers had died. Those that made it out, had barely been able to escape with their lives.

It turned out to be a gamble that was worth taking. He had doubled his forces, gained some critical information, and boosted the morale in his troops. Unfortunately, the commando's weren't able to do much damage, except for implanting a virus that messed up targeting controls and the main sensor array.

As time progressed, it was becoming clear that Sonic would be nowhere without his friends and colleagues. While he was out gathering critical supplies and leading raids on GUN forces, his friends were working to turn Knothole into a proper GHQ. How Knuckles, Sally, and Tails had managed to turn this abandoned bunker into makings of a formidable base of operations, and in so little time, he had no idea. But what was once a mountain based bunker was now a viable and formidable GHQ for Company Bravo, complete with a Chaos Reactor and the beginnings of a makeshift hangar and additional rooms.

I am so glad that I can depend on my fellow officers to back me up, Sonic thought.

"How are our recently liberated colleagues doing?" Sonic asked.

"You'll have to ask Sally about that," Tails responded almost sheepishly, "She's been handling the personnel aspect. Knuckles has been focusing on making sure everyone has had the proper training for their posts, and that has left me with logistics. Not that I am good with anything else, anyway."

Sonic and Tails looked at each other, and then slowly began to laugh, as they walked out the door.

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Knothole -- Company Bravo GHQ Empty Re: Knothole -- Company Bravo GHQ

Post by Durzan on Sun May 04, 2014 1:55 am

Before heading to the Command Room, Sonic had decided to stop in on Knuckles for a little visit... But when they got there, Sonic's sensitive ears picked up the distinct vibrations of Knuckles' voice from inside his quarters.Tails was about to knock, but Sonic stopped him.

"Shh... Wait, lets listen." He said.

If he's still doing it, then he has lost his edge... Sonic thought, and if he lost his edge, then I can finally call him out on it.

"But isn't eavesdropping incredibly rude?" Tails asked.

"Trust me, Knuckles doesn't know or care just how rude we are," Sonic scoffed, "Besides, maybe you'll learn something."

Tails hesitantly placed his ear to the door, and what he heard wasn't what he expected.

"Listen up, you sh*t-headed, double-dipped, poorest excuses for maggots I have ever seen!" Master Sergeant Knuckles the Echidna thundered through the door, " I don't care if you overcame your prejudices just to be here; I don't give a f*** if you literally crawled hundreds of miles with bleeding feet and withered arms; I don't care if you had to wade through blistering sun, muddy swamps, and s*** freezing ice storms in order to get here and volunteer; I ain't gonna give any of you any special treatment. To me, your another stupid s***head of a recruit, who thought it was a good f***ing idea to join Company Bravo, in spite of all the odds, in a vain and f***ingly stupid attempt to gain honor and glory. News Flash, Dip-S***: You aren't in F***ing Candyland any more. There are no more cute little gumdrop houses for you to munch on or hide in, no white and pure unicorns for you to ride hard, and no bloody candy cane forests. This is the real world, B****es! Your mom is not here to hold your F***ing hand! Whether you like it or not, the real world is Hell on wheels, and Hell, for crying out loud, is not a ball game. Its F***ing TORTURE, you dumbass dimwits! So I think its time for you to man up, pull your head out of your asses, and stop... your... bloody... bellyaching!"

"Damn," Tails said, his face turning beet red, even as he plastered his other ear against the door, "Listen to him go. Sergeant Vance would've been peeing his pants if the two had gotten into a shouting match."

"That isn't even the best part..." Sonic said with a muffled laugh, "Every day, he wakes up at four in the morning, shuts himself in there, and practices that speech for two hours straight: language, fists, cigar, and all. He likes to practice... that's good I suppose, but I think spontaneousness is where it takes real talent."

"How do people sleep through, that?" Tails asked, turning his head and eying his commanding officer curiously.

"Ahem... We don't." Sonic said nonchalantly.

"Oh, and by the way, you might not want to listen to this next part..."

Tails listened anyway. He soon wished that he hadn't...

"Is... he always like that?" Tails gasped, wincing at a particularly loud and verbose string of insults came through the door. They were so foul and rotting, that his eyes watered as if there was a plate full of raw unions right beneath them. His face was now now more than a little red, and his yellow fur stood on end in sheer horror. "I have heard foul language before... but nothing like... like this."

"I did try to warn you," Sonic said, almost conversationally.

"Was... was that the best part?" Tails asked, now shakily backing away from the door.

"No," Sonic said, "This is."

And he busted down the door.

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Post by Durzan on Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:29 pm

Master Sergeant Knuckles the Echidna nearly bit his tongue in surprise as Sonic busted down the door.

Knothole -- Company Bravo GHQ Knuckles_the_echinda

Dammit, I should've known he'd do that... Knuckles thought irritably.

He spun around and let out a string of the most foul oaths he could think of.

"Good morning to you too, buddy." Sonic said, with his usual optimism.

"Good morning my ass, Sonic," Knuckles grumbled, "Why do you always have to interrupt me?"

"Because you wake everyone up."

If it was possible, Knuckles turned even redder.

(Stormer, you can take over Knuckles anytime you want now...)

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