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Dr. Robotnovich


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Dr. Robotnovich Empty Dr. Robotnovich

Post by Stormer on Tue May 06, 2014 8:56 am

Name: Dr. Ivan Orvenori Robotnovich AKA Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Gender: Male
Age: 54
DOB: November 23, 2115
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Height: 6"0"
Weight: 281lbs.
Blood Type: O
Race: Human
Sub-race: Caucasian
Alignment: Neutral
Faction: Robotnik Enterprises (Faction Leader)
Rank: Major (Despite never having actually enlisted in any military, he has this rank due to his status as head of Robotnik Enterprises.)
Personal Quote: "All those UN bastards who took everything away from me will feel my loss and despair!"

Physical Description: Ivan is a bald, slightly rotund, middle-aged man, sporting a slightly elongated nose, and his most distinguishing feature, his long, fine, orange-brown mustache. He is commonly seen wearing a red, zipped-up coat with two yellow triangles on each side of the front of his jacket, with white trim running down the sleeves ending in yellow cuffs around his wrists, a black, form-fitting bodysuit, a pair of black boots with white accents running down the front, a pair of nice, white gloves, and a short, yellow scarf hanging from his neck. He also wears a pair of Pince-nez, navy blue-tinted glasses that allow him to scan for Chaos Emeralds, and provide data readouts on those who he's looking at.

Dr. Robotnovich 400px-Eggman_06_Final

Personality: Ivan is one complicated guy. He's a jolly and amiable fellow on the surface, but under the tinted glasses lies a calculating mind with a deep resentment for Fidel and GUN for doing away with those closest to him, Maria and Gerald, and a mad desire to avenge their deaths. He's a gentlemanly sort, very polite, and a self-proclaimed feminist. He wants the world to be free, and there's no telling what he'll do to achieve his goal...

Role: Tactician, Engineer, Commanding Officer

Talents: The Good Doctor is a scientific genius, boasting an unprecedented IQ of 300. He is an expert in the fields of robotics, engineering, mechanics, and genetics, and a masterful programmer, able to hack through most of GUN's heavily firewalled systems undetected. His great intelligence has led him to become quite successful in the business world, with Robotnik Enterprises being one of the world's leading providers of software and machinery. He also has incredible tenacity, even against unfavorable odds.

Weaknesses: Ivan is a bit childish, enjoying things like amusement parks and toys, even in his old age. He also has a bit of an ego, and wants his things done his way, or else. Even though he has an IQ of 300, he sometimes tends to overlook crucial details on his plans, sometimes leading to disastrous consequences. He's also not a fighter, preferring to direct things from the sidelines, only intervening when he has to.

Special Abilities/Traits:

  • Robotics Mastery- Robotnovich is of course a master of machinery, able to build and design just about anything with enough resources.
  • IQ of 300- His impressive IQ gives him incredible tactical power, and intelligence beyond compare.

Chaos Abilities: None known.

Weapons/Equipment: Anything he can build, really. He has no weapon preference, and prefers to leave his opponents to the mercy of his X-Series robots.

Fighting Style: Unknown; the Doctor does not have any known fighting experience. He'll usually leave the fighting to his robots while he gives orders from afar.


  • X-HAC(Hovering Assault Craft) 001 "The Eggmobile"- Robotnovich's personal flying contraption. It is able to be equipped with various different types of armor and weaponry, but is always equipped with a pair of retractable grabber claws to, well, grab things. It also has hidden missile launchers, and twin Vulcan machine guns in case of a combat situation. It looks like this: Dr. Robotnovich 06_Eggmobile_02

Background Story: The Doctor was born in 2115 as the grandson of esteemed scientist Professor Gerald Robotnovich, and had one sibling, his sister Maria. He lived aboard the Space Colony ARK in peace with Maria and Gerald. That peace was shattered in 2123, when GUN staged it's raid on the ARK, killing Gerald and Maria, and taking over the colony, seizing nearly all the research projects on board. Ivan managed to get to an escape pod with the only remaining piece of research on Project Shadow, a small, green thumbdrive with every bit of the Project's research downloaded to it, and the plans to build The Creator. The escape pod landed in America, and young Ivan was found by an engineer who took him in and raised him. Graduating at the top of his class from SEGA Technical Institute in the fields of Engineering, Robotics, Mechanics, and Genetics, Ivan started up a small software company that later became known as Robotnik Enterprises.

Years later, using his grandfather's plans for The Creator, he had built a machine that combined human and animal DNA to create a new lifeform, the Mobians. Around the same time, a strange meteorite crashed somewhere in North America. This meteor had unusual properties, and was broken into one large gemstone and 7 smaller gemstones, with the remaining meteor fragments to be locked away in a vault. These would later be known as the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald.

Ivan then secretly began work on the X-series robots to build a force powerful enough to stop GUN and aid the Rebel Nations, without using human soldiers. After 16 years of planning, constructing, and assembling, he had his army ready to fight. But even he wasn't expecting GUN's orbital missile strike from the ARK. Although his bases were hidden well enough to be unaffected by the missiles, Facility Bravo, the main training base for the Mobians, was wiped off the map by the Eclipse Cannon, and all Mobians staged there were presumed dead. He did, however, gain his first two recruits to his secret super soldier program, Stormer Aurion and Chiharu Yamamoto, a pair of militia members from Arcadiana that he converted into cyborgs. With his new recruits, his army ready, and The Gambit's Revenge ready for takeoff, Robotnovich is ready to enact vengeance on Fidel. And nothing, NOTHING, will stand in his way.

Theme Song: Paved With Good Intentions


  • Ivan's voice would sound like his normal Mike Pollock voice, but with hints of a Russian accent in it.
  • This version of the doctor is much like his game counterpart, but with his sillier elements toned down.
  • While The Gambit's Revenge is Robotnovich's flagship, it's considered to be a location, rather than a personal vehicle.

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