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Character Rules

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Character Rules Empty Character Rules

Post by Durzan on Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:23 pm

Rules Concerning Player Characters:


  1. Players may have up to four characters that they may play at once.
  2. If you have more than two characters, please make at least one a different alignment than your other characters.(EG... if most of your characters are good, you need to have at least one Bad or Neutral character.)
  3. When you submit a new character, please take care to post the other characters you are playing as, so we can make sure that we are up to date on who is playing whom.

Character Actions:

While acting normally, your character is not bound by any timeframe, and they can do whatever they like as long as it fits with the rest of the people in the topic.

During a battle however, the time span is sped up dramatically as each player reacts to others in a matter of moments. That being said, and for the sake of simplicity, each post you make during a battle is limited to no more than two actions, although you can post as much as you want. (NOT AN EXCUSE FOR DOUBLE POSTING.)

Changes to Character:

Of course, as you play, you may want to try out new ideas or concepts. Changes to character appearance are allowed without approval of a staff member, but should be flagged in your character profile, so everyone else can acknowledge the change.

Any other changes or additions need to be posted in the Character Applications thread, to await approval by a staff member. You only need to post the planned changes in the thread.


Characters can die... but the character's owner must be okay with it.

The exception to this is that a staff member can kill off a character, under certain situations. The player will be given a warning first, and a chance to correct the action. If the player still persists, then that character will be killed off in game.

Other notes: Please don't just put a profile together in a matter of minutes; I want to see considerable thought and detail put into a character bio.

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