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Character Biography Empty Character Biography

Post by Durzan on Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:57 pm

Gender: <Male or Female>
Age: <Mobians should be somewhere between 8 and 20 years old, as mobians age faster than humans. Humans can be any age 12 or older. Robots somewhere between 3-6 years.>
Race: <Human, Mobian, or Robot>
Sub-race: <If a mobian, you can give just about any animal you can think of. If Human, give your character's ethnic race. If robot, put drone type.>

Alignment: <Good, Neutral, or Evil>
Faction: <Company Bravo, Rebel Nations, GUN, Robotnik Enterprises, or N/A>
Rank: <Civilian, or any American Military Rank lesser than or equal to a pay grade of O-3.>

Physical Description: <A picture or a detailed description can work. Include any physical traits of note and what clothes they are wearing.>
Personality: <Be descriptive.>

Role: <Tactician, Demolitions, Recon, Spy, Marksman, Heavy Weapons, Engineer, Medic, Pilot, Commanding Officer, etc.>
Talents: <What your character is good at.>

Special Abilities/Traits: <May have up to 6 special abilities. More with approval of 3 staff members>
Chaos Abilities: <A character may start out with up to two known chaos abilities. Others must be learned over time.>

Fighting Style: <Optional>
Transportation: <Optional>

Background Story: <Be specific, thoughtful, and give plenty of details.>

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