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Chiharu Yamamoto


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Post by Stormer on Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:15 pm

Name: Chiharu "Chii" Myazaki Yamamoto
Nicknames: Chii, RSS-002 (Robotnik Super Soldier 002)
Age: 22
Species: Human (Cyborg)
Sub-Species: Asian
Gender: Female
Height: 5"8"
Weight: Unknown (Women don't like to reveal their weight, you know.)
IQ: 140
Blood Type: Artifical B-Type
Martial Status: Currently dating Stormer Aurion
DOB: August 2, 2146
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
Residence: Aboard The Gambit's Revenge, somewhere in the skies above the US.
Occupation: Deputy soldier of Dr. Ivan Robotnovich's secret super soldier program and agent of Robotnik Enterprises.
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Economic Class: High Middle Class
Alignment: Lawful Good

Basic Stats:

  • Agility - 6
  • Speed - 4
  • Strength - 4
  • Defense - 5
  • Evasiveness - 5
  • Dexterity - 4
  • Intelligence - 9
  • Skill - 4

Special Attacks:

  • Sakura Kunai- Chiharu fires out solid holographic petals as weak, but fast projectiles by slashing her sword. Requires 1 Holographic Petal for each shot.
  • Hanebara no Ame (Petal Rain)- Chiharu slashes her sword multiple times in the air to create a rain of holographic Sakura petals to confuse the opponent, then thrusts forward at the target when their guard is lowered. Requires 75 Holographic Petals.
  • Rōzutorunēdo (Rose Tornado)- Chiharu holds her sword outward, and spins around rapidly in the air, creating a tornado of her solid holographic petals to surround her as she does the attack. It's best used when she is surrounded by enemies and needs to clear em out. Requires 100 Holographic Petals.
  • Burūmu Bakahatsu(Bloom Explosion)- Chiharu tosses out a small ball of her Holographic Petals, which then explodes into a bunch of little Holographic Petals to function like a smoke bomb to confuse enemies. Requires 50 Holographic Petals.
  • Twin Slasher/Tsuinsurasshā (Done with Stormer)- Stormer and Chiharu rapidly run past a target 5 times in an x-shape while slashing the target with their blades, then sheath their swords as the target falls to the ground in pain.
  • Electro Dynamite/Erekutoro Dainamaito (Done with Stormer)- Chiharu and Stormer fuse 3 Thunderballs into a small ball of Chiharu's holographic petals, which is then tossed like a grenade to release a rain of Holographic Petals and the 3 Thunderballs at a group of opponents. Costs 30 Lightning Points and requires 50 Holographic Petals.
  • Dual Whirlwind/De~yuaru Senpū (Done with Stormer)- Stormer and Chiharu combine their abilities to produce this devastating finishing attack. It involves the two of them swinging their swords in the air together to create a HUGE tornado of lightning and holographic petals with a radius of about 40 feet. It's insanely powerful and is their most powerful combined attack, but it consumes all of Stormer's Lightning Points and Chiharu's Holographic Petals, and leaves the two of them tired out afterwards.

Special Abilities:

  • Cyborg Enhancements: Chiharu's cyborg parts enable her to run at speeds of up to 50 mph, lift up to roughly 200lbs, and give her reflexes that are much faster than those of a normal human. She runs on a special pink-colored energy core that provides her with unlimited energy, making it where food is a luxury for her, not a necessity to live. Despite no longer having a stomach, Chiharu can still eat and drink like a normal human, as all the food and drink gets burned up by her core. Her cybernetics are very similar to those of Stormer's, but with a distinctly more feminine build. She too uses synthetic skin to cover up her cybernetics.
  • Technology Expertise: Chiharu is quite skilled with computers, and is just underneath Tails and Robotnovich in terms of technical skill. She can hack anything up to GUN's more heavily-firewalled systems with ease, and is also a decent mechanic as well.

Hobbies & Talents:

  • Chii is a very skilled programmer and mechanic (though not as skilled as Robotnovich), able to hack many computer systems with ease.
  • She also helps give Stormer and herself repairs during battle, and technically serves as a medic as well to machines and cyborgs.
  • Although her grandfather never fully taught her the Kazewokiru no Kairyō Raitoningu(Improved Lightning of Cutting Winds) fighting style (as tradition dictates that it must be passed down through male heirs), she was taught some sword techniques with a shorter katana and is well-versed in martial arts.
  • She is bilingual, speaking her native Japanese and fluent English.
  • Plus, she's quite a talented piano player and does know how to swim.


  • While Chii does know how to swim and her cybernetics are waterproof, the added weight makes her sink like a rock in water.
  • Chiharu's attacks are not nearly as strong as Stormer's, so she fights more defensively in combat than Stormer does.
  • The Barrier Generator that she has built into Kusanagi no Sakura is only able to remain active for 3 minutes at a time, and she cannot use her sword while it is active. It also has a 15 minute recharge time after each use, but unlike Stormer's Raijin, the sword function can still be used while it's recharging.
  • Her mind is also haunted by the age old question of the measure of a transhuman, but it doesn't bother her nearly as much as it does Stormer.
  • Like Stormer, if her core is damaged or ruptured and goes critical in combat, she will be forced to eject it, or it will explode inside her. She also has a backup core built in for when this happens, but it will only last for only 6 hours before it fails. Chiharu must get a replacement core in her system before then or she will die.

Personal Facts:

  • Friends: Stormer Aurion, Sora Takahashi
  • Allies: Dr. Ivan Robotnovich
  • Rivals: None at the moment.
  • Enemies: Nicholas Fidel, the UN, GUN, anyone actively threatening the free world that she and Stormer are trying to protect.
  • Known relatives: Kyosuke Yamamoto (Father, deceased), Akira Yamamoto (Mother, deceased), Yoshimitsu Yamamoto (Grandfather, deceased)
  • Likes/Favorite activities: Being with her computer, Stormer, cherry blossoms, reading manga, Japanese monster movies, practicing her martial arts, samurai.
  • Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Evil in general, rude people, loss, the UN, poorly-maintained gardens, shoddy technology.
  • Gourmet of choice: A nice cup of Ramen.
  • Beverages of choice: Soda.
  • Favorite color(s): Black, Pink

Personality: Chiharu is a rather quiet and reserved young woman. She's a bit shy and not as open to people as Stormer is, but once you get to know her, she'll really open up and show a different side of herself.  She's also quite kind and polite to most people, but is slightly introverted. Losing her parents at a young age was hard for her growing up, but being with her technology helped ease her pain. She feels best at home working on a computer and with Stormer by her side, and she loves Stormer just as strongly as he loves her. But don't let her frail appearance deceive you, as she does know martial arts and some sword techniques from her grandfather, and won't hesitate to use them if you push her.

Physical Appearance:

  • Skin Color: White
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Style: Black, long and flowing (occasionally dyed pink)


  • A pair of pink and black headphones.
  • A custom made black kimono-like jacket with flowers patterned all over it.
  • A pink belt tied around her mid-section.
  • A pair of black form-fitting shorts (occasionally swapped out for a short black skirt).
  • A pair of black boots with pink straps over the feet area. (occasionally swapped out for a pair of brown sandals with pink straps).

Items & Weapons:

  • Kusanagi no Sakura: Chii's personal weapon, it's name literally translating to Cherry Blossom Cutter, given to her by Dr. Robotnovich. It's a katana hidden inside of a Japanese umbrella, with a pink stripe going down the sides of the blade to the hilt. It is equipped with a barrier generator (see below), and she modified the weapon so that it leaves behind holographic Sakura blossom petals with each slash. The holographic petals work on hard light technology, and can be made solid or phase-through, but there can only be 100 generated at once. The other petals must disappear before more can be generated.
  • Barrier Generator: A small device built into Kusanagi no Sakura that can generate a 10-ft wide barrier around Chiharu that only allies can enter. The sword must be inside the umbrella for this to activate, and with the push of a special button on the pole, a clear, spherical barrier forms around her and any allies near her. While it can only remain active for about 3 minutes and has a 15-minute recharge time, it is impervious to bullets and can survive anything up to a nuclear blast.
  • Robotnik Enterprises Laptop: A small black laptop personally given to Chiharu by Dr. Ivan, decorated with flower stickers on top. It's a military-grade piece of hardware, with a built in cable to plug into most computer USB ports for hacking and reprogramming.

Fighting Style: Chiharu likes to make swift, accurate strikes with Kusanagi no Sakura, and prefers to gather up several foes at once, and take em out with a single slash of her blade. She also relies on using her holographic petals to trick a foe for an easy takedown. She'll only deploy her barrier generator if Stormer and her are surrounded by large groups of foes, and need to hatch a plan, or if she needs protection while she's hacking into a computer system. If she is disarmed, she is not helpless, as she knows karate and kung fu, and will put her training to good use if pushed. She is also more agile than Stormer, and can leap around the battlefield with ease.

Chaos Abilities: None. Just like Stormer, her cyborg body makes her incapable of using Chaos Techniques.

Vehicles: None at the present moment.

Theme Song: Future World

Backstory: Chiharu Yamamoto was born to a middle class family in Tokyo, Japan in 2146. Her father was a retired soldier of the Japanese army, and her mother worked as a teacher at the local high school. Her grandfather also lived with her family, and was a teacher of Kendo and Japanese swordsmanship. Tokyo at the time was not isolationist, and had become quite technologically advanced (with holograms being quite prominent all over Japan), even reforming a functioning army to defend themselves against the oncoming threat of takeover by the UN. It did also manage to keep its trading with the Port of New Orleans intact despite the US's isolationist policies.

Unfortunately, her parents were tragically taken away from her in a car crash when she was only 5 years old. This event left a significant impact on her life as she was forced at a young age to cope with not having her parents around. She became a bit shy and introverted, not as willing to make friends for fear of losing them as well. Her grandfather raised her after that event, doing the best he could to make her an honorable, proper young lady. She only had one friend throughout her elementary school life, a young girl named Sora Takahashi. The two of them liked to spend all the time they could together, as Sora was the only one who saw her as more than just some shy little girl with no parents. However, when the two of them got to high school, Sora was forced by her parents to move to Kyoto to improve her grades, and so Chiharu was alone again.

Chiharu soon afterwards discovered she had great talents with technology, able to program things quite quickly and skillfully, and became a decent mechanic as well. She used her computer to help ease her loneliness, and spent more time working on machines than making any more friends. Her grandfather did manage to teach her martial arts and some swordsmanship skills, but could not teach her the Kazewokiru no Kairyō Raitoningu(Improved Lightning of Cutting Winds) fighting style, as tradition dictated that it had to be passed down through male heirs. With Chiharu's father gone, he was the only man left on the planet who knew the style, and since he was getting quite old, he needed a successor from outside of the family to carry on the style for a new generation.

The answer came in the form of Stormer Aurion, a young man from New Orleans who had come to Japan to learn more about the culture and to learn sword skills with a katana. He happened upon Yoshimitsu's dojo, and eventually convinced the old man to be his sensei in the way of the samurai. Chiharu was surprised that her grandfather was so willing to let an American be his student, but once she first set eyes on Stormer, she felt something she never felt before: romance. Stormer likewise started feeling a love for her, and the two of them eventually admitted their feelings to each other. They bonded over their similar interests, and Chiharu taught Stormer Japanese, while he helped her improve her English. Chiharu supported Stormer in his training under her grandfather in any way she could, and after 3 years of training, he mastered the style. However, old age caught up with Yoshimitsu, and as he lay on his deathbed, he went out with a smile, happy knowing his granddaughter was now a mature, proper woman with someone strong and honorable, and that the Kazewokiru no Kairyō Raitoningu style had been passed on to a new generation. A few weeks later, it was time for Stormer to return home to the US, and Chiharu decided to go live with him, since now with her grandfather dead, Stormer was all she had left, and her heart couldn't take losing him too.

However, a few years after she and Stormer arrived in New Orleans, Fidel's forces marched in from the southern border of the United States, and began a military occupation of New Orleans to control the city's trade flow to supply GUN. Not wanting to live under Fidel's dictatorship, Chiharu and Stormer formed a small militia (calling themselves The Saints after the local football team) of a few like-minded individuals to combat the GUN occupation of New Orleans. After about 6 months of guerrilla warfare, attacking GUN supplies, and taking out scouting groups, they appeared to have finally driven out the GUN forces. However, when Fidel had orbit-to-surface missiles fired at all non-GUN bases, he also targeted New Orleans to make an example of what happens to those with the gall to disobey him. The missiles leveled the city, killed Stormer's family, and left Stormer and Chiharu nearly dead. 95% of the city's population was killed in the event, including all the militia members (save for Stormer and Chiharu).

Chiharu's life was not over yet, as Stormer and Chiharu's bloodied, nearly dead bodies were brought in by a mobian militia Warrant Officer by the name of Bunnie "Rabbot" Rabbit to Dr. Ivan Robotnovich, head of Robotnik Enterprises. Bunnie was stationed at Facility Whiskey at the time, and after being sent to survey the damage to New Orleans, she found the duo and contacted Ivan to have them taken to his base. The good doctor performed a surgical cybernetic implantation on the two, and converted them into cyborgs to save their lives. Woken up by Stormer with tears in his eyes, she was shocked to find out that most of their bodies were now metal, and was told of what happened to New Orleans. Now the two of them were left only with each other, just a pair of cyborgs in love. Dr. Ivan then gave a proposition to the both of them: become part of his secret army against the UN as thanks for him saving their lives. They gladly accepted, and became the first of the Doctor's Super Soldier program. Happily serving alongside her true love, she's ready to take down GUN once and for all. However, she does notice that Ivan seems a bit TOO bent on revenge...

Personal Quote: "I'll do my best, for my family's honor!"


  • Chiharu is based on my real life girlfriend, who had the same name and lived in Japan. A lot of the ideas for her backstory, personality, and her weapon were based on discussions we had before her untimely passing.
  • I don't know the real names of her family members, so I named her parents after our favorite Rival Schools tag-team, and her grandfather after her favorite Tekken character.
  • She was always fond of Sakura blossoms, hence why it's her character's primary motif.
  • The idea for her weapon was partially inspired by Setsuka's (of the Soulcalibur series) fighting style, and the fact that on the place where I met her, the avatar creator had no swords for females, so she used an umbrella and said it had a hidden sword in it.
  • The nickname Chii comes from the fact that she liked to occasionally roleplay as the character of the same name from the manga Chobits.

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