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Alternate Costumes!


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Alternate Costumes! Empty Alternate Costumes!

Post by Stormer on Fri May 02, 2014 7:44 am

Alright, you know how in some video games there's alternate costumes that you can acquire? Well, what if our characters had those? The way this works is that you give your characters 4 alternate costumes each, describe the costumes, and describe how you would unlock them. We'll be doing it Sonic Rivals-style and have the unlocks tied to specific cards related to the characters.


  • Cyborg Ninja- (requires the Raijin card, which is unlocked by winning against 20 opponents in Multiplayer Race mode) Stormer gains the combat suit of Frank Jaeger, AKA the Gray Fox, except the outfit is black and silver instead of blue and orange.
  • Stormer Beta- (requires the Stormer Concept Art card, which is unlocked by beating the Stormer Cup in Single Player mode) This outfit is based on the original idea I had for Stormer's outfit years ago, with no fedora, spiked up hair, a black body suit with Tron-style blue lights all over it, black boots with glowing blue lights running down the sides, black gloves, a steel blue overcoat, and a pair of clear blue shades over his eyes.
  • Gunstar Hero- (requires the Stormer (action pose) card, which is unlocked by knocking out 50 opponents in Knockout Battle mode) Stormer gains an outfit resembling that of one of the original Gunstar Heroes, with a black, collared short-sleeve shirt, silver shoulder pads, fingerless black gloves, a silver belt, black pants, and brown laced boots. He still has his fedora in this outfit though.
  • Gokai Black- (requires the Stormer And Chiharu card, which is unlocked by beating the Stormer Cup in Multiplayer mode) Stormer gains a sentai outfit resembling that of one of my favorite Sentai teams, the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It resembles a pirates outfit, and is black with silver trim.

Dr. Robotnovich:

  • Concept Pajamas- (requires the Sonic 1 artwork card, which is unlocked by using 75 items) The doctor gains a set of pajamas resembling his original concept art. He also gets a pillow to hold as well.
  • El Gran Gordo- (requires the Decoe And Bocoe card, which is unlocked by beating the Robotnik Cup in Single Player mode) Eggman gains his wrestling outfit from the Sonic X comics, turning him into El Gran Gordo, the mustached masked legend!
  • Metal Robotnik- (requires the Metal Sonic (Sonic OVA) card, which is unlocked by using Eggman's special move 30 times) Ivan gains a smaller version of the outfit of Metal Robotnik (also known as Black Eggman) from Sonic OVA. Glue guns and giant wings not included.
  • PINGAS Robotnik- (requires the Eggmobile card, which is unlocked by beating the Robotnik Cup in Multiplayer mode) Robotnik now looks like his Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog counterpart, complete with the voice of the late Long John Baldry! And good God is he fat!

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